Our Story


Our company was founded by a dreamer with a passion for the outdoors. It just so happens, that passion was rock climbing. To use a climbing term, Jordan Mountjoy dynoed in 2015 and founded this company with a mission to share his passion for the outdoors and created Rock Monkey Outfitters. Founded in the Natural State, RMO was built on the idea that nature is always within reach. Jordan’s dream to create a brand that connects life with the outdoors shines through our products, our people, our customers and our values. Rock Monkey Outfitters truly is your outfitter for life.

But RMO isn’t just about outdoor adventures; we also exist to give back to those in need. Each year, we are committed to supporting life-changing projects by donating a portion of sales to help fund projects that may feed the hungry, provide clean water to vulnerable communities or create sustainable livelihoods for underprivileged families. Rock Monkey adventurers help us change lives with every purchase.

Since launch, our brand has reached customers across the globe. We have more than 30 retail partners is nine states and we’re growing every day. In Summer 2016, we will add our own brick and mortar location to the RMO to the brigade. Built on a foundation of t-shirts our brand has expanded to include patented gear offerings. But we refuse to stop there. We’re investing in research and development of new products every season, working to maintain our spot as a top outdoor brand. Thank you for following our journey, we truly are living the dream.