MNKY Hoodie


We've all had our favorite hoodies, right? The one that you always throw on after work or school. The one that has been washed so many times that the color has faded. The one that is SO SOFT that you're literally dreaming about it while sitting at your desk wearing that uncomfortable department store button-down. To make the perfect hoodie, we knew it had to be soft yet stylish. After searching the world over, we believe we discovered the softest cotton EVER! I mean, this stuff was meant to be a hoodie.  And not just any hoodie... a MNKY Hoodie.

The hidden secret was waiting for us in Peru. Little did we know that Northern Peru has optimal growing conditions for what is called Pima cotton. It has to do with the rich soil and the perfect temperatures to produce an unbelievably soft result.

  • 100% Peruvian, Pre-Shrunk Cotton
  • Form fitting (might be good to size up)
  • Colors: Charcoal & Faded Green

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